I might be crazy

After teaching this morning, I went online to write a blog post for a technology in language learning course I’m taking (remind me never to make my students blog), and I saw a new follower (hello Anne!).

Having a follower is a little unexpected, since I don’t really fit the mold of a “good blogger.” I have an insanely short attention span and little discipline when it comes to doing things consistently outside of work.

Also I don’t really know how one goes about getting followers.

BUT new-follower-Anne did TAPIF. So of course I spent the next half hour looking at TAPIF bloggers instead of actually writing that technology blog or lesson planning like I was supposed to.

And after looking at the experience of other primary school instructors, I’m starting to wonder if I’m completely crazy for teaching at the primary level, having never had to control a classroom of children at a time. I’ve done the Reading Clinic summer camp, but even then it’s only 5 students at a time. And it’s more individualized instruction than I would do in a classroom.

I predict classroom management will be one of the most challenging parts of teaching.

Important things I learned from reading other TAPIF blogs:

  • a lot of the TAPIF marketing/preparation materials are geared towards the secondary school assistants
  • there are more assistants sent to secondary schools than primary schools
  • at the primary level, you’re more likely to have to be autonomous (lesson plan, find materials, teach solo, be alone in the classroom, etc.)

2 thoughts on “I might be crazy

  1. 👋👋 Love following along with other TAPIF blogs ! Classroom management can be tricky, but I’ve always had the teacher in the class with me which helps a lot! French-style discipline can be much harsher than I was used to, so I usually let the teachers dish out the worst of it…..


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