I’m going to France.

cropped-1918548_1445911386806_2930615_n2.jpgI’m going to France in the fall. The fall that is less than six months away.

I went to France once. I was 20. That was seven years ago. A lot has changed since then. I graduated college. I got an MA in French with a focus in Applied Linguistics. I moved across the country to start a PhD program in Education. I’ve been teaching French to students a lot like twenty-year-old me for almost six entire years.

And now I’m finally going back to France.

I’ve been accepted to the Teaching Assistant Program in France (hereafter TAPIF) for the 2017-2018 academic year. I’ll be in the Académie de Lyon, which is comprised of the Ain, Loire, and Rhône departments. I will be placed as an elementary school English teaching assistant somewhere in one (or potentially more than one) of the three departments.1918548_1445906546685_601433_n

I will be leaving sometime in September, and I’ll be staying at least through April. I’m going to be doing research while I’m there, so it would be best for me to stay through the end of the academic year. Money is, as always, the limiting factor, so the length of time I can stay will depend on how grant applications pan out.

I’m going to be blogging (that’s the plan for now at least) as often as I think about it, as a way to keep my thoughts together and as a way to keep in touch with family and friends in the US. Comments are welcome, and I hope you find at least some of the content interesting!

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